Each year, The Landing Theatre Company in Houston invites local playwrights to submit plays for their Developmental Reading Series. Plays are then chosen for staged readings which are geared toward script development. These posters were designed for the plays that were chosen for the 2020 Developmental Reading Series and were based on the scripts.
CIRCLE SYNOPSIS: "Hakeem is a recent college graduate who doesn't drive, has no job and is nowhere close to achieving his dream of being a famous writer. After reconnecting with a high school sweetheart, Hakeem goes on a journey of self-discovery and gratitude, realizing that your path might not be a straight line; sometimes life is like a circle." (credit: The Landing Theatre Company)
LEGS SYNOPSIS: "Renee and Davy are siblings with a boatload of issues. Davy enjoys solitude, cleanliness and order, but his quiet life is shattered when Renee suddenly moves in with him. She's dirty, impolite, and loves him to an uncomfortable degree… and she claims to not have the ability to walk… but Davy doesn't quite believe it. While she tries to break through Davy's closed off attitude, he tries to convince her that all of her problems, including her disability, are in her mind."
(credit: The Landing Theatre Company)
THE SEED BECOMES SYNOPSIS: "It begins in the ground, taking root but slowly, the seed becomes. Ninhursag, a young woman in her tribe, learns this, for perhaps the first time in history. Before the land is cultivated, before there was agriculture, there was a young woman, a seed and a story. Between two rivers in the Fertile Crescent, Ninhursag makes it her mission to change the lives of her tribe, especially one of the youngest orphans, Aya. However, not all of the tribe is willing; the Elder Ishtar is haunted by the past and cannot find herself (or her tribe) in one place for too long. Stuck between raiders and starvation, the tribe must choose who to turn to in desperate times. The Seed Becomes focuses on the gaps between generations, and what it means to change the world as a young and old woman, set during one of the biggest cultural shifts of history, the Agricultural Revolution." (credit: The Landing Theatre Company

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